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2011 Bluegrass Futurity 2 year old in Harness class: Total Purse: $16, 250.00 (what is not awarded is carried over to 2012 2 year old class)

1st - Bewitching Orchid
Owner: Paula Schmidt/ Kathy Capsuto Trust
Sire: Charmed and Bewitched   Dam: Harlem's Black Orchid
Owner:  $4978.12, Vickie Keatley
Stallion Owner: $1659.38, Paula Schmidt/Kathy Capsuto

2nd- Belle Reve's Lady Madonna
Owner: Belle Reve Farm
Sire: Call Me Ringo   Dam: New York Crown's Jewel
Owner: $2765.63, Belle Reve Farm
Stallion Owner:  $921.88, Belle Reve Farm

3rd - Brookhill's Fame
Owner: Larry Nunley
Sire: Brookhill's Apollon   Dam: She Be Jammin
Owner: $1659.37, Larry Nunley
Stallion Owner: $553.13, Tim and Joan O'Brien

4th - The Magistrate
Owner: A.E. Nelso
Sire: Catalyst   Dam: Miss Plum Pretty
Owner:  $1106.25, A.E. Nelson
Stallion Owner : $368.75, Dick Kearney


2011 Bluegrass Futurity Weanling Class Total Purse: $40,625.00

1st - Double Dog Dare
Owner: Kim Crabtree
Sire: Dellview Dare Time   Dam: Lilly's Night Out
Owner: $12,192.19, Kim Crabtree
Stallion Owner: $4064.06, Melissa Moore

2nd - Brookhill's Express Yourself
Owner: O'Brien Family Trust
Sire: Brookhill's Apollon   Dam: The Lady Lu Lu BH
Owner: $6773.44, O'Brien Family Trust
Stallion Owner: $2257.81, O'Brien Family Trust

3rd - Sir Loadandclear
Owner: Jim and Gaynor Shane
Sir:  Sir William Robert   Dam: Shout
Owner: $4064.06, Jim and Gaynor Shane
Stallion Owner: $1354.69, C. Thomas Galbreath

4th - Softly Spoken
Owner: Double D Ranch
Sire: Bobese   Dam: Soft Spoken
Owner: $2709.37, Double D Ranch
Stallion Owner: $903.13, Dena Tanner Lopez

5th- Mountjoy's Champagne Over Ice
Owner: David Mountjoy
Sire: Beware Of Black Ice
Dam: Briarhill's Champagne and Bisquets
Owner: $1354.69, David Mountjoy
Stallion Owner: $451.56, David Mountjoy

6th- New York Girl
Owner:  Bruce/ Anita Jackson
Sire: The Phantom Man   Dam:  Surfer Girl
Owner: $1125, Bruce/ Anita Jackson
Stallion Owner: $375, Roy T. Slagle

7th - Pandemonium
Owner: Alliance Stud
Sire: Delirium   Dam: A Sweet Sachet
Owner: $1125, Alliance Stud
Stallion Owner: $375, Alliance Stud

8th - Mountjoy's On Parole
Owner: David Mountjoy
Sire: Santana Hosanna   Dam: Cabernet's Judge Judy
Owner: $1125, David Mountjoy
Stallion Owner: $375, David Mountjoy


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